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Pre-1974 Unreleased Recordings

Fancy Dancer

Run Willie Run

Garden Road

Bad Boy

The Loser

I’ve Been Runnin’

Pre-1974 Singles

 Not Fade Away

 You Can’t Fight It

Rush, 1974

 Finding My Way

 Need Some Love

 Take a Friend

 Here Again

 What You’re Doing

 In the Mood

 Before and After

 Working Man

Fly by Night, 1975


 Best I Can

 Beneath, Between & Behind

 By-Tor and the Snow Dog

 Fly by Night

 Making Memories


 In the End

Caress of Steel, 1975

 Bastille Day

 I Think I’m Going Bald

 Lakeside Park

 The Necromancer

 The Fountain of Lamneth

2112, 1976


 A Passage to Bangkok

 The Twilight Zone



 Something for Nothing

A Farewell to Kings, 1977

 A Farewell to Kings


 Closer to the Heart

 Cinderella Man


 Cygnus X-1: The Voyage

Hemispheres, 1978

 Cygnus X-1: Hemispheres


 The Trees

 La Villa Strangiato

Permanent Waves, 1980

 The Spirit of Radio


 Jacob’s Ladder

 Entre Nous

 Different Strings

 Natural Science

Moving Pictures, 1981

 Tom Sawyer

 Red Barchetta



 The Camera Eye

 Witch Hunt

 Vital Signs

Signals, 1982


 The Analog Kid


 Digital Man

 The Weapon

 New World Man

 Losing It


Grace Under Pressure, 1984

 Distant Early Warning


 Red Sector A

 The Enemy Within

 The Body Electric

 Kid Gloves

 Red Lenses

 Between the Wheels

Power Windows, 1985

 The Big Money

 Grand Designs

 Manhattan Project



 Middletown Dreams

 Emotion Detector

 Mystic Rhythms

Hold Your Fire, 1987

 Force Ten

 Time Stand Still

 Open Secrets

 Second Nature

 Prime Mover

 Lock and Key


 Turn the Page

 Tai’ Shan

 High Water

Presto, 1989

 Show Don’t Tell

 Chain Lightning

 The Pass

 War Paint





 Red Tide

 Hand Over Fist

 Available Light

Roll the Bones, 1991



 Roll the Bones

 Face Up

 Where’s My Thing?

 The Big Wheel


 Ghost of a Chance


 You Bet Your Life

Counterparts, 1993


 Stick It Out

 Cut to the Chase

 Nobody’s Hero

 Between Sun and Moon

 Alien Shore

 The Speed of Love

 Double Agent

 Leave That Thing Alone

 Cold Fire

 Everyday Glory

Test for Echo, 1996

 Test for Echo


 Half the World

 The Color of Right

 Time and Motion


 Dog Years




 Carve Away the Stone

Vapor Trails, 2002

 One Little Victory

 Ceiling Unlimited

 Ghost Rider

 Peaceable Kingdom

 The Stars Look Down

 How It Is

 Vapor Trail

 Secret Touch


 Sweet Miracle



 Out of the Cradle

Feedback, 2004

 Summertime Blues

 Heart Full of Soul

 For What It’s Worth

 The Seeker

 Mr. Soul

 Seven and Seven Is

 Shapes of Things


Snakes & Arrows, 2007

 Far Cry

 Armor and Sword

 Workin’ Them Angels

 The Larger Bowl


 The Main Monkey Business

 The Way the Wind Blows



 Bravest Face

 Good News First

 Malignant Narcissism

 We Hold On

Clockwork Angels, 2012



 Clockwork Angels

 The Anarchist


 Halo Effect

 Seven Cities of Gold

 The Wreckers

 Headlong Flight


 Wish Them Well

 The Garden

Solo Albums

Victor, 1996

 Don’t Care


 Start Today

 Mr. X

 At the End

 Sending Out a Warning

 Shut Up Shuttin’ Up

 Strip and Go Naked

 The Big Dance


 I am the Spirit

My Favorite Headache, 2000

 My Favorite Headache

 The Present Tense

 Window to the World

 Working at Perfekt

 Runaway Train

 The Angels’ Share

 Moving to Bohemia

 Home on the Strange



 Grace to Grace

Live Albums

 All the World’s a Stage"", 1976

 Exit Stage Left"", 1981

 Show of Hands"", 1989

 Different Stages"", 1998

 Rush in Rio"", 2003

 R30"", 2005 (DVD or MP3)

 Snakes and Arrows Live"", 2008

 ABC 1974, 2011

 Time Machine, 2011

 Motion Pictures Live, 2011

St Louis Live in St. Louis 1980, 2012 (Unauthorized import)


 Archives"", 1978 (vinyl only)

 Rush Through Time, 1978

 Chronicles"", 1990

 Retrospective I"", 1997

 Retrospective II"", 1997

 The Spirit of Radio"", 2003

 Gold"", 2006

 The Essential Collection: Rush, 2007

 Retrospective III, 2008

 Working Men"", 2009

 Time Stand Still"", 2010 (import)

 Icon"", 2010

 Icon 2, 2011

 ‘Sector’ series box sets, 2011

iTunes-Mercury The Complete Mercury Years, 2013 (iTunes only)

iTunes-Atlantic The Studio Albums, 1989-2007, 2013

airwavesSpirit of the Airwaves, 2014

Tribute Albums

 Working Man, 1996

 Red Star, 1999

 Exit Stage Right, 2002

 Baroque Tribute, 2004

 Subdivisions, 2005

 String Quartet Tribute, 2005

 Piano Tribute to Rush"", 2006

 Run for Cover, 2007

 Through the Prism"", 2007

 Lush, 2007

 New World Man"", 2010

 Lullaby Versions of Rush, 2011

 XYZ, 2012

 The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra Plays Rush, 2012

lullaby Lullaby Renditions of Rush, 2013

Books: Biographies, Criticism, Analyses

 Rush"", Brian Harrigan (Cherry Lane Music: 1984)

 Success Under Pressure"", Steve Gett (Cherry Lane Books: 1984)

 Visions, Bill Banasiewicz (Omnibus Press: 1988)

 Mystic Rhythms"", Carol Selby Price and Robert M. Price (Wildside Press: 1999)

 Merely Players"", Robert Telleria (Quarry Music Books: 2002)

 A Simple Kind Mirror, Leonard Roberto, Jr. (iUniverse (vanity press), 2002)

 Contents Under Pressure, Martin Popoff (ECW Press: 2004)

 Chemistry"", Jon Collins (Helter Skelter Publishing: 2005)

 Rush, Rock Music, and the Middle Class, Chris McDonald (Indiana University Press: 2009)

 Rush and Philosophy, Jim Burti and Durrell Bowman, editors (Open Court: 2011)

illushistory Rush: The Illustrated History, Martin Popoff (Voyageur: 2013)

faq Rush FAQ, Max Mobley (Backbeat: 2014)

Cover Rush: Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Excellence, Robert Freedman (Algora: 2014)

experiencing-rush Experiencing Rush, Durrell Bowman (Rowman & Littlefield, 2014)

bb Neil Peart: Cultural Repercussions, Bradley Birzer (WordFire Press, 2015)

 Book Reviews

defenders-thumb Comic Books

Books: Neil Peart

 The Masked Rider, ECW Press: 1996

 Ghost Rider, ECW Press: 2002

 Traveling Music, ECW Press: 2004

 Roadshow, ECW Press: 2007

 Far and Away, ECW Press: 2011

FandN Far and Near, ECW Press: 2014

FW Far and Wide, ECW Press, 2016

African Drum Neil’s 5 early privately published travel memoirs, 1985-1988

Books: Geddy Lee

My Effin’ Life, Harper, 2023
 Geddy Lee’s Big Beautiful Book of Bass, Harper Design, 2018

Selected DVDs

 A Work in Progress"", 2002

 Rush in Rio"", 2003

 Anatomy of a Drum Solo"", 2005

 R30"", 2005

 Inside Rush, 1974-1981, 2006

 Rush Replay X3, 2006

 Backstage Secrets: On the Road with Rush"", 2008

 The Making of 2112 and Moving Pictures, 2010

 Beyond the Lighted Stage"", 2010

 Fire on Ice: The Making of the Hockey Theme, 2011

 Sonic Reality, Neil Peart Drums, Vol. 1: The Kit, 2011

 Taking Center Stage, DVD (2011) and book (2012)

 Rush: Changing Hemispheres, 2011

 Time Machine: Live in Cleveland, 2011

 Sonic Reality, Neil Peart Drums, Vol. 2: The Grooves, 2012

2112-dvd 2112 Super Deluxe Edition, 2012

CA DVD Clockwork Angels Tour, 2013

R-40 R40 10-DVD Box Set, 2014

rtss Time Stand Still, 2016

Sheet Music and Tab Anthologies

 Drum Techniques of Rush, 1985

 Rush Bass Superstar Series, 1986

 More Drum Techniques of Rush, 1989

 Classic Rush: Grace Under Pressure Guitar Tabs, 1991

 Rush Anthology, Guitar Edition, 1992

 Classic Rush: Permanent Waves Guitar Tabs, 1993

 Rush Guitar Anthology Series, 1995

 Test for Echo Guitar Tabs, 1997

 Rush Guitar Tabs, 1999

 Rush Bass Tabs, 1999

 My Favorite Headache Tabs, 2001

 Vapor Trails Guitar Tabs, 2002

 Legendary Rush Drum Licks, 2005

 Snakes & Arrows Guitar Tabs, 2007

 Lick Library: Learn to Play Rush (DVD), 2008

 Moving Pictures Drum Transcriptions, 2008

 2112 Drum Transcriptions, 2009

 Ultimate Rush Guitar Play-Along, 2009

 Ultimate Rush Bass Play-Along, 2009

 Ultimate Rush Drum Play-Along, 2009

 Deluxe Rush Guitar Tabs, 2009

 Deluxe Rush Bass Tabs, 2009

 Rush Sheet Music Anthology, 2010

 Clockwork Angels, 2012



Alien Shores, 1985, Platinum Blonde
Crying Over You,” guitar solo: listen on YouTube
Holy Water,” guitar solo

Lost Brotherhood, 1990, Lawrence Gowan

Ragged Ass Road, 1995, Tom Cochrane

Scenery and Fish, 1996, I Mother Earth
Like a Girl,” guitar: listen on YouTube

Gene Roddenberry’s Andromeda (TV series and album), 2000, Matthew McCauley
“March of the High Guard” (season one main theme), composer, and producer of three other songs

Trailer Park Boys: The Movie, 2006, The Big Dirty Band (superband formed by Alex to provide original soundtrack material for the movie)

Born 4, 2006, Jakalope
Guitar on “Star 24 (No Apologies)”

Fear of a Blank Planet, 2007, Porcupine Tree
Anesthetize,” guitar solo: listen on YouTube

Fly Paper, 2008, Tiles
Sacred and Mundane,” guitar: listen on YouTube

David Barrett Trio, 2011
“Hollowbody,” producer
“Sonar,” producer
“Disappearance,”  producer

The Double (film release date: Sept. 23, 2011)
Guitar throughout musical score
Outro, “Don’t Look Back,” composer

Irvine Welsh’s Ecstasy, 2011
Dr. Figg

Voices at 4 A.M., Tom Cochrane

All is More Than Both, 2012, Jason Plumb
“Losin,'” solo

David Barrett Trio, 2013

Disconnect, 2014, John Wesley
Alex solo on “Once a Warrior”


Come to Life, 2014, Keram

between colours

Between Colours, 2014, The Wilderness of Manitoba
Guitar on “Shift”


Great White North, 1981, Bob and Doug McKenzie
Take Off,” vocals: listen on YouTube

Boys Brigade, 1984

We are the World, 1985, USA for Africa
Tears are Not Enough,” vocals: listen on YouTube

South Park: Bigger, Longer and Uncut, 1999, Trey Parker and Matt Stone
“O Canada,” Geddy (with Alex)

3 Doors Down: Away From the Sun (SuperDisc DVD), 2006, Monster
Geddy (with Alex)

Transylvania Avenue, The Black Sea Station, 2010
“When I Close My Eyes,” bass, “March of the Shikker,” vocals

Baseballissimo, forthcoming film, producer

Grace: Africa in Photographs, 2011
Geddy and Alex, with other Canadian artists, provide commentary


Champion, 1985, Jeff Berlin
“Champion,” drums
“Mariba,” drums

Burning for Buddy, Vol. 1, 1994, producer
Cottontail,” drums: listen on YouTube

Burning for Buddy, Vol. 2, 1997, producer

The Making of Burning For Buddy, 2006, producer

Buddy Rich Memorial Concert, 2009, producer

Burning the Days, 2009, Vertical Horizon
Even Now,” lyrics, drums: listen on YouTube
Save Me from Myself,” drums: listen on YouTube
Welcome to the Bottom,” drums: listen on YouTube

Drumbeats"", Kevin Anderson and Neil Peart, WordFire Press: 2010 (Kindle only)

Adventures of Power, Neil Peart (speaking role), 2011

Clockwork Angels: The Novel, Kevin J. Anderson, ECW Press: 2012


Diehards, Erin Feinberg, Anthropy Arts: April 2013
Neil contributes original essay


Echoes from the Underground, 2013, Vertical Horizon
“Instamatic,” Neil on drums
“South for the Winter,” Neil on drums


From the Riser, Kevin Phillips, 2014 Kickstarter campaign
Neil contributes the introduction


Rhythmic Composition, Gavin Harrison, 2014
Neil contributes the introduction

Video Games

 One Little Victory


 Tom Sawyer (other pieces available by download)

 The Trees


 Caravan and others by download

 The Spirit of Radio


 Red Barchetta, Tom Sawyer, YYZ, Subdivisions, Limelight


 Official Rush app (2010)

 Rush on Jammit (2011)

 Toronto Rush Guide (2012)

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