Retrospective II (1997)

The set looks at the period at which the band was arguably at its most radio-friendly. The period starts with Moving Pictures and ends with Hold Your Fire. With the exception of Moving Pictures, it’s not a favorite period of listeners who prefer the band’s harder, more progressive sound.

The Big Money
Red Barchetta
Time Stand Still
Mystic Rhythms
The Analog Kid
Distant Early Warning
The Body Electric
Red Sector A
New World Man
Tom Sawyer
Force Ten


Excellent Compilation if You Like the Band’s Synth-Heavy Period
“I won´t disguise the fact that this period is my favorite period when it comes to Rush music. Starting with the fantastic Moving Pictures (1981) and ending with the synth-heavy and, for some people, much loathed Hold Your Fire (1987), this is Rush at their best in my opinion. The music they made got closer to commercial verse/chorus structures, but at the same time, the band displayed a more futuristic and unique sound. The song selection for this compilation is nearly perfect; the only track I miss is the instrumental “YYZ” from Moving Pictures.”–-UMUR on Prog Archives (edited)

Too many compilations?

~ by rvkeeper on May 23, 2011.

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