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Rush Comics: The Defenders: Divided We Duel! (1977)

From John at Cygnus-x1: “This comic book, which was published in 1977, was loosely based on 2112 (perhaps more so on Ayn Rand’s Anthem). The comic was ‘Dedicated to Neil, Geddy, and Alex of RUSH’ and also scatters a few Rush inspired lines, such as ‘Truth is false and logic lost’ and ‘become one with the Brotherhood of Man.'” More on this comic from Rush Vault.


Rush Comics: Cygnus-X1: Book One: The Voyage (1979)
Illustrated by Dave Hornsby

From John at Cygnus-x1: “Back in 1979, in an edition of the Marvel Comic series known as “Apocalypse” came a different kind of Rush tribute—a comic-book rendition of their sci-fi classic “Cygnus-X1: Book One: The Voyage” from their A Farewell to Kings album. This black and white comic book was only distributed in the United Kingdom and was followed up in 1980 with “Book Two: Hemispheres.”


Rush Comics: Cygnus-X1: Book One: The Voyage (1980)
Illustrated by Dave Hornsby

This is the second part of the “Hemispheres” comic book. The first was the prelude, based on “Cygnus-X1: Book One: The Voyage” from A Farewell to Kings. This follow-up was released the next year and is based on “Cygnus-X1: Book Two: Hemispheres.” As with the earlier release, this black and white comic book was only distributed in the United Kingdom.

StringsStrings (1986)
Rush Comics: Cuerdas (Strings) Based on 2112
by Pepe Gonzalez

From John at Cygnus-x1: “The following comic, which was drawn by Rush fan Pepe Gonzalez back in 1985-86, is based on the story of 2112. I’ve loosely translated the introduction to the comic below. Special thanks go out to Steve Fletcher, Claudio D. Rodrìguez ( aka: C-08 ) and Carlos Perez for their work in translating the comic itself.” (On Cygnus-x1, the English version follows the original Spanish version.) “Created between November of 1985 and February of 1986, this story, based on 2112, aims to recreate the fight between the established power and individual imagination, not individualism, which is the idea that has often been misinterpreted as the philosophy of this great trio.”

No-Ex-poseursRush: The Comic Book (1992)
U.S.: Rock & Roll Comics, issue #49, July 1992
Canada: Revolutionary as Canadian Rock & Roll Special #1, April 1994

“The Canadian power trio Rush is profiled in a comic which details the formation of the band and their rise to platinum superstars. Meticulously researched, this comic provides a rare inner view of the making of classic albums like Fly by Night, 2112, Permanent Waves and others. Art by Terry Pallot (Adventures of Superman), cover by Scott Jackson (Heavy Metal Monsters).” From John at Cygnus-x1: “Rock & Roll Comics later included Rush as part of their “Sci-Fi Space Age Rockers” anthology, issue #65, with one page taken from the Rush comic concerning the making of 2112.” (See below)

2112 comic Rush Comics: Rush: Sci-Fi Space Rockers (1993)

From John at Cygnus-x1: “Rock ‘n’ Roll Comics, the creators of the comic book ‘Rush: Northern Ex-poseurs,’ referenced Rush—and 2112 specifically—in their “Sci-Fi Space Rockers” Comic Book. The single-page reference to Rush was a merging of two pages taken from ‘Northern Ex-Poseurs.’ Many thanks to Eric from Power Windows who provided me with a scan of the cover and comic.”


2112 (2012)
40-page hard-bound graphic novel
Illustrator: Tom Hodges

This version of 2112 was included in a 2012 special edition release of the album, which included high-fidelity remastering of the original recording and a booklet on the album in addition to the graphic novel. More on this comic from Rush Vault.

All of the compiling of this comic book information was done by John at Cygnus-x1, who also credits Eric at Power Windows for some of the material. I’m just surfacing their work and making it available through this page.—Rob Freedman, Rush Vault

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