Clockwork Angels tour set list

Rush played 25 songs, including two encores. In the first half, the band focused heavily on the 1980s and early 1990s, pulling songs from Signals (1982), Grace Under Pressure (1984), Power Windows (1985), and Roll the Bones (1991). In the second half, they focused on Clockwork Angels, playing nine of the 12 pieces. Additional pieces from the 1980s and early 1990s were thrown in for good measure. (To see how Rush changed up its set list on the second stop of its tour, click here.)

See pics from Pottlukk

The two biggest surprises are probably “Territories” and “Manhattan Project” from Power Windows. The others, with the obvious exception of the Clockwork Angels pieces, have pretty much been in the band’s rotation since the R30 tour.

For the encore, the band played two of its popular radio standards.

Set list

1. Subdivisions
2. The Big Money
3. Force 10
4. Grand Designs
5. The Body Electric
6. Territories
7. Analog Kid
8. Bravado
9. Where’s My Thing?
10. Far Cry


11. Caravan
12. Clockwork Angels
13. The Anarchist
14. Carnies
15. The Wreckers
16. Headlong Flight
17. Halo Effect
18. Wish Them Well
19. The Garden
20. Manhattan Project
21. Red Sector A
22. YYZ
23. Working Man


24. Tom Sawyer
25. The Spirit of Radio

Thanks to Rush is a Band and Cygnus-x1 for keeping us all informed.

Write-up of the opening show and hundreds of great pictures from John an Cygnus-x1.

Official images from opening night. 

Backstage shot. 

 More This and That.

5 Responses to “”

  1. where the hell is 7 cities of gold??????

    • Great piece. Maybe they’ll roll it out later in the tour. They’ve tweaked their play list in the past.

    • Actually, they ended up playing “Seven Cities of Gold” at the second show, in the D.C. area, Sept.9. They swapped out “Carnies” and put in “Seven Cities of Gold” in its place, so it looks like they’re going to rotate the songs.

  2. i could have done without Tom Sawyer to hear a newer track,,,but either way I am looking forward to the Holy Trinity in Charlotte

  3. 1st set sucked so bad that i wanted to leave,,but i kept saying it couldnt get worse. To my amazement all it did was get worse . I love Rush but damn all that crap in one sitting ,shame on you,,As far as i am concearned Rush owes me 200 bucks .

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