Alien Shores, 1985, Platinum Blonde
Crying Over You,” guitar solo: listen on YouTube
Holy Water,” guitar solo

Lost Brotherhood, 1990, Lawrence Gowan

Ragged Ass Road, 1995, Tom Cochrane

Scenery and Fish, 1996, I Mother Earth
Like a Girl,” guitar: listen on YouTube

Gene Roddenberry’s Andromeda (TV series and album), 2000, Matthew McCauley
“March of the High Guard” (season one main theme), composer, and producer of three other songs

Trailer Park Boys: The Movie, 2006, The Big Dirty Band (superband formed by Alex to provide original soundtrack material for the movie)

Born 4, 2006, Jakalope
Guitar on “Star 24 (No Apologies)”

Fear of a Blank Planet, 2007, Porcupine Tree
Anesthetize,” guitar solo: listen on YouTube

Fly Paper, 2008, Tiles
Sacred and Mundane,” guitar: listen on YouTube

David Barrett Trio, 2011
“Hollowbody,” producer
“Sonar,” producer
“Disappearance,”  producer

The Double (film release date: Sept. 23, 2011)
Guitar throughout musical score
Outro, “Don’t Look Back,” composer

Irvine Welsh’s Ecstasy, 2011
Dr. Figg

Voices at 4 A.M., Tom Cochrane

All is More Than Both, 2012, Jason Plumb
“Losin,'” solo

David Barrett Trio, 2013

Disconnect, 2014, John Wesley
Alex solo on “Once a Warrior”


Come to Life, 2014, Keram

between colours

Between Colours, 2014, The Wilderness of Manitoba
Guitar on “Shift”


Great White North, 1981, Bob and Doug McKenzie
Take Off,” vocals: listen on YouTube

Boys Brigade, 1984

We are the World, 1985, USA for Africa
Tears are Not Enough,” vocals: listen on YouTube

South Park: Bigger, Longer and Uncut, 1999, Trey Parker and Matt Stone
“O Canada,” Geddy (with Alex)

3 Doors Down: Away From the Sun (SuperDisc DVD), 2006, Monster
Geddy (with Alex)

Transylvania Avenue, The Black Sea Station, 2010
“When I Close My Eyes,” bass, “March of the Shikker,” vocals

Baseballissimo, forthcoming film, producer

Grace: Africa in Photographs, 2011
Geddy and Alex, with other Canadian artists, provide commentary


Champion, 1985, Jeff Berlin
“Champion,” drums
“Mariba,” drums

Burning for Buddy, Vol. 1, 1994, producer
Cottontail,” drums: listen on YouTube

Burning for Buddy, Vol. 2, 1997, producer

The Making of Burning For Buddy, 2006, producer

Buddy Rich Memorial Concert, 2009, producer

Burning the Days, 2009, Vertical Horizon
Even Now,” lyrics, drums: listen on YouTube
Save Me from Myself,” drums: listen on YouTube
Welcome to the Bottom,” drums: listen on YouTube

Drumbeats"", Kevin Anderson and Neil Peart, WordFire Press: 2010 (Kindle only)

Adventures of Power, Neil Peart (speaking role), 2011

Clockwork Angels: The Novel, Kevin J. Anderson, ECW Press: 2012


Diehards, Erin Feinberg, Anthropy Arts: April 2013
Neil contributes original essay


Echoes from the Underground, 2013, Vertical Horizon
“Instamatic,” Neil on drums
“South for the Winter,” Neil on drums


From the Riser, Kevin Phillips, 2014 Kickstarter campaign
Neil contributes the introduction


Rhythmic Composition, Gavin Harrison, 2014
Neil contributes the introduction