Books: Biographies, Criticism, Analyses

Rush, Brian Harrigan (Cherry Lane Music: 1984)

 Success Under Pressure"", Steve Gett (Cherry Lane Books: 1984)

 Visions, Bill Banasiewicz (Omnibus Press: 1988)

 Mystic Rhythms"", Carol Selby Price and Robert M. Price (Wildside Press: 1999)

 Merely Players"", Robert Telleria (Quarry Music Books: 2002)

 A Simple Kind Mirror, Leonard Roberto, Jr. (iUniverse (vanity press), 2002)

 Contents Under Pressure, Martin Popoff (ECW Press: 2004)

 Chemistry"", Jon Collins (Helter Skelter Publishing: 2005)

 Rush, Rock Music, and the Middle Class, Chris McDonald (Indiana University Press: 2009)

 Rush and Philosophy, Jim Burti and Durrell Bowman, editors (Open Court: 2011)

illushistory Rush: The Illustrated History, Martin Popoff (Voyageur: 2013)

faq Rush FAQ, Max Mobley (Backbeat: 2014)

Cover Rush: Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Excellence, Robert Freedman (Algora: 2014)

experiencing-rush Experiencing Rush, Durrell Bowman (Rowman & Littlefield, 2014)

bb Neil Peart: Cultural Repercussions, Bradley Birzer (WordFire Press, 2015)

 Book Reviews

defenders-thumb Comic Books

Books: Neil Peart

 The Masked Rider, ECW Press: 1996

 Ghost Rider, ECW Press: 2002

 Traveling Music, ECW Press: 2004

 Roadshow, ECW Press: 2007

 Far and Away, ECW Press: 2011

FandN Far and Near, ECW Press: 2014

FW Far and WideECW Press, 2016

African Drum Neil’s 5 early privately published travel memoirs, 1985-1988

Books: Geddy Lee

 Geddy Lee’s Big Beautiful Book of Bass, Harper Design, 2018