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This site is an exercise in organization and compilation. There are already a number of excellent Rush sites out there, including Rush is a Band, Cygnus-X1, and Power Windows. What I’m offering is something on the order of an encyclopedia. The background and commentary, lyrics, tablature, videos, and tutorials for each and every Rush recording are organized chronologically on a single page to make it quick and easy for you to find what you want.

The heart of the content is the section on background and commentary. There you’ll find references from print and online sources for each and every piece in the Rush songbook.

Like anything on the Web, this site is a work in progress. If there’s information on a piece I’ve missed, let me know about it in a comment or send me an e-mail. Thanks!

—Rob Freedman, Keeper of the Vault

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  1. Thank you for this site! I certainly appreciate the organization and indepthness of the content. I visit here quite frequently, especially when I’m intrigued or have questions regarding Rush’ songs. I’m a college music professor and teach a history of rock and roll course. Since I have never found a textbook to use in class which pays tribute to Rush adequately, I am on my own to find lecture material. I find your site to be very user friendly, extensive, and comprehensive. Jennifer Ayers-Barnard, Ph.D.

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