This 12/21: All the 2112 You Can Handle


Look for the release of a big 2112 special edition starting 21/21. (Actually, orders start 12/18, but that’s not quite as dramatic as the 12/21 release date.) In any case, the full package is quite extensive, with three versions of what’s arguably Rush’s most venerable and certainly most important album, if not it’s most commercially successful.

All of the different editions get a litte confusing, but if you order the super deluxe edition, you get the album remastered in 5.1 surround-sound mix on both CD and Blu Ray discs. The discs are boxed in a 40-page “2112” hard-bound graphic novel. The illustrator is Tom Hodges, who’s done quite a bit of comic book work, including for the Star Wars franchise. There’s also a 24-page book on the album that includes artwork, liner notes, including new liner notes by David Fricke of Rolling Stone, lyrics and unreleased photos.

There are also two deluxe editions, and they come with different combinations of the discs and books, but the super deluxe edition comes with everything. It’s $56.83 on Amazon.


Tom Hodges

Hodges gave his Twitter and Facebook followers a head’s up a while ago about the project, but he was asked to keep the details secret by Universal Music Enterprises, the publisher. But now that the project has been officially announced, he talks about it on his website.

“The past couple of months, I’ve hinted at a ‘Secret Project’ on my Facebook Fan Page and Twitter about a “secret project” I could not say much about but was very excited to be doing. I’ve been chomping [champing] at the bit to talk about it, but I was under wraps until Universal Music Group announced it . . . and it figures they would announce it while I was on a Disney Cruise to Mexico . . . you know, where I have no internet and if I use it, it’s a $20 a MB to check Facebook. That’s just my luck. But it’s no biggie because here are the FULL details of the 5.1 Deluxe Edition of Rush’s masterpiece “2112″ . . . for which I was honored to provide the art for a graphic novel that would be bound into the box set! Actually, from what I was told, my book IS the packaging!”

Hodges provides a sample of the artwork, and you can see Alex, Geddy, and Neil looking terribly serious and comic-booky. 2112-comicI’m not sure how the three of them figure into the story, since “2112” is about an individual who finds out what it’s like to come up against an intolerant and all-encompassing bureaucracy that has no patience for artistic expression. But that’s the beauty of poetic license. You can do a lot!

In any case, Hodges actually hosts art classes via webcast, so if you like his style, you might drop in via your computer to some of his lessons.


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