Different Stages


1. Dreamline — 5.34
2. Limelight — 4.32
3. Driven — 5.17
4. Bravado — 6.23
5. Animate — 6.29
6. Show Don’t Tell — 5.29
7. The Trees — 5.29
8. Nobody’s Hero — 5.01
9. Closer To The Heart — 5.13
10. 2112

Overture — 4.33
The Temples Of Syrinx — 2.20
Discovery — 4.18
Presentation — 3.40
Oracle: The Dream — 1.49
Soliloquy — 2.08
Grand Finale — 2.37

1. Test For Echo — 6.16
2. Analog Kid — 5.15
3. Freewill — 5.36
4. Roll The Bones — 5.59
5. Stick It Out — 4.42
6. Resist — 4.28
7. Leave That Thing Alone — 4.46
8. The Rhythm Method — 8.20
9. Natural Science — 8.06
10. The Spirit Of Radio — 5.00
11. Tom Sawyer — 5.19
12. YYZ — 5.26

1. Bastille Day — 5.08
2. By-Tor & The Snow Dog — 4.59
3. Xanadu — 12.33
4. Farewell To Kings — 5.54
5. Something For Nothing — 4.01
6. Cygnus X-1 — 10.24
7. Anthem — 4.47
8. Working Man — 4.01
9. Fly By Night — 2.04
10. In The Mood — 3.35
11. Cinderella Man — 5.10

Total time: 202:47


“Ladies and Gentleman, what we have here is the greatest live record by one of the best live bands in the world. A mammoth triple CD, with a time of 3.5 hours, that includes nearly all quintessential material Rush created in their over 30 years-long career. The most interesting thing is that the third CD is the legendary ’78 show in London, only here presented, awaited long time by many fans, and there it is. Rush recorded five live albums, but Different Stages sounds more natural and has the (in my opinion) better playlist. Of course, you can’t go wrong with a playlist by Rush, because they don’t have weak songs, but here are some all-time faves like “Anthem” (for what I waited long to hear live), “Fly By Night,” “Farewell To Kings,” “Xanadu” or (down on your knees!) and the complete “2112” epic. If you just want one Rush live record (at least one is a must by this band!), this should be it. Different Stages presents Rush in ultimate top form, with powerful band sound that wasn’t manipulated in the studio, like earlier Rush live albums. It documents the timeless genius of the band. Between the recordings of the discs is a timeline of 20 years, but you can’t find a difference when you look at the passion, power, perfection, and atmosphere of how Rush perform their music. Rush are technically the best rock power-trio in the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s on the planet. Hopefully they will carry this with them very long into the future . . . “—Marc Baum on Prog Archives

Liner Notes

Produced by Geddy Lee and Paul Northfield

All mixing engineered by Paul Northfield
Mixed at McLear Pathe Studios, Toronto, Canada
Assisted by Denis Tougas and John Biondich
Live recordings and invaluable pre-mixing organisation by Robert Scovill
Assisted by Eric Kugler at Eldon Boy Studios, Phoenix, Ariz.
Sequencing and invaluable assistance by Simon Pressey
Mastered at Gateway Mastering, Portland, Maine, by Bob Ludwig
Executive production: Liam Birt and Pegi Cecconi

Hammersmith recording engineered by Terry Brown

Art direction, illustration, and design by Hugh Syme
Photography: Andrew MacNaughtan
Additional photography: Dimo Safari, Tony Frederick, and Fin Costello

Crew members on T4E tour
Boss: Liam Birt
Lighting: Howard Herns Ungerleider
Live sound engineer: Robert Scovill
Guitar tech: Jim Johnson
Keyboard tech: Tony “Jack Secret” Geranios
Drum tech: Larry Allen
Bass techs: Russ Ryan and Steve Cohen
Stage manager: Craig Blazier
Office production: Skip Gildersleeve, Karin Blazier
Monitors: Brain Keefe, George (Barney) Barnes
Band assistant: Peter Rollo
Bike wrangler: Phil (Brutus) McMullen
Moving lights: Matt (Sniffy) Druzbik
Stage technicians: George Steinert, Lorne (Hey, Gump) Wheaton, Rick Munroe
Firm of Drisdale and Drisdale Acct.: John Whitehead and Scotty McBirt
See Factor Lighting: Ed Duda, Don Lodico, Andy Preston, Phil Karatz, Bob Chaize
Electrotec sound crew – Charles Lawson, Jason Alt, Mike Humble
BCC video crew: Jeff Claire, Keith Marrero, Kraig Boyd, Jim Malone
Laserlite crew: Charlie Passerelli, John Popowycz
Drivers: Arthur MacLear, Dan Johnson, Dave Cook, Aline Jones, Mickey Miller, Danny Powers, Melanie Posey
Riggers: Billy Collins, Brian Collins, Richard Acebo
Bus drivers: David Burnette, Paul Hortop, Davis Smith, Steve Huddleston
Management: Ray Danniels / SRO Management, Toronto
Management staff: Sheila Posner, Pegi Cecconi, Cynthia Barry, Shelley Nott, Anna LeCoche, Karen Jones, Steve Hoffman, Randy Rolfe
Booking agents: Phil Ernst for ICM Agency / Neil Warnock for The Agency Group
Merchandising: Mike McLoughlin and Rob Flynn

Hello you,

This collection was recorded over a span of 20 years, primarily during three tours. Our desire was to record many shows, hoping to capture some “magic” performances as naturally as possible. But, as Murphy’s Law would dictate, with well over 60 shows to choose from, we found ourselves being drawn to a mere handful. We have tried not to “mess” with these tapes very much and to present something that we think represents a fairly definitive retrospective of our live work and changing sound over that period of time.

Of course, no band is an island, and so we thank our various crew members, management staff and drivers throughout the years who have been the unfailing support system that has kept us rolling, stage to stage, with great dedication and professionalism, and good humor.

But most significantly, we would like to thank our many fans around the world for their long-standing support which, to our continuing amazement, has enabled us to hang around for so damn long—despite the inherent weirdness of our music!

Best wishes to all, Geddy

“suddenly…you were gone…from all the lives you left your mark upon”

In loving memory of Jackie and Selena

© 1998 Atlantic Records © 1998 Anthem Entertainment

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