Caress of Steel

Rush are
Geddy Lee – bass and vocals

Alex Lifeson – 6 and 12 string electric and acoustic guitars, classical guitar, steel guitar

Neil Peart – percussion

Produced by Rush and Terry Brown
Engineered by Terry Brown
Arrangements by Rush and Terry Brown
Recorded and mixed at Toronto Sound Studios, Toronto, Canada
Roadmaster – Mr. ‘Herns’ Ungerleider
Roadcrew – Ian ‘Rio’ Grandy, Liam ‘L.B.L.B.’ Birt, J.D. ‘Kool Mon’ Johnson

Art direction – AGI
Graphics by Hugh Syme
Photography – Terrence Bert, Gerard Gentil, Barry McVicker
Executive production – Moon Records

Thanks to us for making it all possible.

A special hullo to Ape Friendly, Big Macho, M. Louis, Mr. Eisen, The Texas Heartbreaker, Sal de Bain, the Black Oak, Rick & the Shermans, Wolfman Marcus, Hot Sam, C.B. & J.B., Doc Cooper, The Opner and Sophisto Hoe.

A personnal thank you, Terry, for your intimate courtesy and native grace of favour.

Correspondance – 55 Glencameron Rd., Thornhill, Ont., Canada.

Photos by Bruce Cole, Massey Hall, June 25, 1975

Dedicated to the memory of Mr. Rod Serling

Mercury/Polygram, September 1975
© 1975 Mercury Records © 1975 Anthem Entertainment

 Bastille Day

 I Think I’m Going Bald

 Lakeside Park

 The Necromancer

 The Fountain of Lamneth

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