Deluxe Rush Bass Tabs (2009)

Deluxe Rush Bass Tabs, 148 pages
Alfred Publishing
$13.62—$18.27 (on Amazon)

Table of Contents:

The Big Money
Closer to the Heart
Distant Early Warning
Far Cry
Fly by Night
Ghost of a Chance
The Larger Bowl
New World Man
One Little Victory
Red Barchetta
Show Don’t Tell
The Spirit of Radio
Test for Echo
Tom Sawyer
The Trees
Vital Signs
Working Man

“Don’t get me wrong. I am very pleased to see a new book tabbing the glory of Geddy’s masterful playing, but unfortunately, 70 percent of this is purely recycled/reprinted tabs from the Rush bass book that has been around forever. Also, there are some things missing from the tabs. In fact, some of the newer ones are incorrect in several places. Case in point is ‘Far Cry.’ During the verses, Geddy uses this technique in which he plays very fast sixteenth notes by flicking his index finger back and forth like a pick. This book has simplified this line to a more playable eighth note figure. It’s not what Geddy plays at all! (I have seen him play it live and have no doubt of what he plays.) Also, for the tabs they reprinted verbatim from the earlier Rush bass anthology. One other note. On ‘Big Money,’Geddy plays a ton of dead notes throughout the song, yet none are tabbed. I still give this four stars, because you are getting a master class in Rock Bass playing from one of the top three bass players of all time.”—Mark Harclerode (on Amazon)

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