The Piano Tribute to Rush (2006)

Todd Mark Rubenstein

Album Tracks:

1. Limelight

2. New World Man

3. Closer to the Heart

4. Subdivisions

5. Red Barchetta

6. Freewill

7. Fly by Night

8. The Spirit of Radio

9. The Trees

10. Tom Sawyer

11. The Big Money

12. Syrinxian Moonlight (Rush-inspired original composition)

Review by Brian McDonald on Amazon (edited):

Even Lucy Wouldn’t Approve

“Someone could have done justice to a piano tribute and it could have been great.
This one sounds like a grade-school music teacher playing a Schroeder toy piano with one finger while reading sheet music transposed by someone who has never heard of the band. Each song sounds as if it were recorded in one take regardless of performance mistakes and without taking into consideration timing, scale, or measure. It truly is a shameless attempt to make a buck and unfortunately Rush’s good name is attached to it. If it’s possible to sue whoever in the band’s management released permission to use their material for this, I would.”

Read the entire, unedited, review.

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