Double Agent: Tablature

By Ken Atwell (

Excerpted from Fretplay.

Special Notations:
~ slight vibrato (with left hand or whammy bar)
/ slide up the string (toward pickups)
\ slide down the string (toward the nut)
(12) natural harmonic (fret in parens)
P pull-off
X\ pick slide

You’ll have to familiar with the song or play along with the CD to get the
timing down. Some of the changes can be tricky (a staple of Rush’s music),
so keep with it.

Guitar enters at 0:16 with Riff 1. Play it once.

Riff 1 (medium distortion with chorus)
F C5
E ——————————————————————–
B ——————————————————————–
G ———–7–5–10–9–7–5——17~——2–2–2—-5–5\———
D ——————————15———–3–3–3—-5–5\———
A –5–3–5———————————-3–3–3—-3–3\———
E ——————————————-1–1–1——————

G F C5
E ——————————————————————–
B ——————————————————————–
G ———–7–5–10–9–7–5——4——–2–2–2—-5–5———-
D ———————————-5——–3–3–3—-5–5———-
A –5–3–5————————-5——–3–3–3—-3–3———-
E ——————————3—3——–1–1–1——————

Riff 2 begin at 0:32. Play whole thing and then repeat section between
the vertical bars ONLY 4 times.

Riff 2 (heavier distortion, no chorus)
E ———————–|——————————————–
B ———————–|——————————————–
G ———————–|——————————————–
D ———————–|——————————————–
A ———————–|——————————————–
E –0—0–0—0–0–3–5|-3-0—0–0—0–0–3–5–3-0—0–0—0–0-

C m7+a9 (???)
E ——————————-|
B ——————————-|
G ——–/8—8–8—8–8——-|
D ——–/8—8–8—8–8——-|
A ——–/7—7–7—7–7——-|
E –3–5–/8—8–8—8–8–3–5-|

For complete tab, go to Fretplay.

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