Subdivisions (2005) Tribute

Album tracks

1. Distant Early Warning, Randy Jackson (Zebra)

2. Lakeside Park, Sebastian Bach (Skid Row)

3. Limelight, Kip Winger (Winger)

4. Subdivisions, Randy Jackson (Zebra)

5. Different Strings, Robert Berry (Ambrosia)

6. Tom Sawyer, Sebastian Bach (Skid Row)

7. Bastille Day, Jani Lane (Warrant) with Dave Brooks (Slammin’ Gladys)

8. A Farewell to Kings, Randy Jackson (Zebra)

9. The Spirit of Radio, Kip Winger (Winger)

10. Didacts and Narpets (from the Fountain of Lamneth), Mike Mangini

11. 2112 Overture/Temple of Syrinx, Jani Lane (Warrant) with Dave Brooks (Slammin’ Gladys)

Rush Can Influence Anyone

Review by Michael Popke on Sea of Tranquility (edited and excerpted):

“Subdivisions primarily uses talented singers who got critically shafted for their involvement in ‘80s hair bands. Here we have Geddy Lee sound-alike Randy Jackson (Zebra) singing ‘Distant Early Warning’ and ‘A Farewell to Kings,’ a subdued Sebastian Bach (Skid Row) turning in credible versions of ‘Lakeside Park’ and ‘Tom Sawyer,’ on which Baz’s performance is almost too laid back, and Jani Lane (Warrant) admirably covering ‘Bastille Day’ and ‘The Temples of Syrinx,’ proving in the process that Rush can influence anyone. These dudes turn in strong performances built around slightly altered arrangements that aren’t too far from the originals. Plus tight, flawless playing comes courtesy of a steady band that includes rhythm guitarist Vinnie Moore (UFO), bassist Stu Hamm (Joe Satriani, Steve Vai), drummer Mike Mangini (James LaBrie, Steve Vai), and keyboardists Robert Berry (Ambrosia), Jeff Feldman (Pulse Ultra) and Trent Gardner (James LaBrie, Time Bandits). Various guitarists take solo turns, but most impressive is Daniel J., whose work can also be heard on Jordan Rudess’ latest album, Rhythm of Time. Special mention goes to Kip Winger, who lends surprising grit to ‘Limelight’ and ‘Spirit of Radio.’ This is one tribute album you won’t mind playing again, although it would be nice to hear how Rush’s fellow musicians interpret the band’s ‘90s output.”

Read the entire, unedited, review.

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