Legendary Rush Drum Licks (2005)

Legendary Rush Drum Licks (DVD)
Cherry Lane
$3.85—$14.64 (on Amazon)

Table of Contents:

The Spirit of Radio,
Tom Sawyer
New World Man
Red Barchetta

“Buy this DVD if you like Neil Peart’s drumming and want to learn [some of their] songs. It will definitely help. Having said that, I have some criticisms that keep this video from ranking as a 5 star video:
—Jamie Borden appears a bit stiff and nervous and hurries through much of the discussion
—The breakdown of the songs is sometimes terse and leaves out some fills or parts that would be helpful to hear slower, but you can’t expect everything to be replayed
—The split screen to see the drums and bass pedal wastes a lot of screen real estate. The feet could have been inset over the video in the corner of the screen to make better use of the screen
—Jamie sometimes makes errors in his performance when compared to his how-to-play slow breakdown. His performance is an interpretation, based on his analysis of the songs as played by Neil Peart, but it appears that he may play these songs differently every time and his break down of the songs does not always correspond to the performance piece.
—Audio, while good, doesn’t compare to the drum micing done on the Neil Peart Work In Progress video.
—Commentary. This is a personal preference, but I hoped to hear some commentary on the music, some tidbits on the songs themselves, or inside stories from Neil, but I guess those are hard to come by and Neil wasn’t involved in the production of the video.
—4:3 ratio. Its not a 16:9 video. So on a big screen tv, where you can really see the drums, you end up stretching the video out of proportion.
—No sheet music included. The Neil Peart Work In Progress Video includes a transcription of the drum parts.
Despite those criticism, I enjoyed the video very much and I’m still using it to learn some of the songs. The interpretation is not perfectly accurate, but given that Neil himself has no video on these classic Rush songs, this is the best we can do for now.”—Byron Guernsey (on Amazon)

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