Bravest Face

Background and Commentary

The piece evokes the idea that, because we can never know reality beyond the surface, we need to accept the reality as we see it and put on our bravest face.

We tell stories and sing songs about the world to try to encapsulate the way we want the world to be. We like stories in which justice prevails, because we can take comfort in that. But in reality there is none of that clarity. There’s no purely sweet child. We don’t like to know it, but even in a sweet chid there’s a vicious streak. But such dualities aren’t always negative: behind the oldest eyes is a soul so young. Because the surface appearance of reality is never the full story, the best we can do is accept the way the world is (there’s no magic place), so put on your bravest face and confront reality as it’s given to you. When you are presented with something good, accept it for the precious gift that it is.—Rob Freedman, Rush Vault


Though we might have precious little
it’s still precious

I like that song
about this wonderful world
It’s got a sunny point of view
and sometimes I feel it’s true
at least for a few of us

I like that world
It makes a wonderful song
But there’s a darker point of view
that’s sadly just as true
for so many among us

In the sweetest child there’s a vicious streak
In the strongest men there is a child so weak
In the whole wide world there’s no magic place
so you might as well rise
Put on your bravest face

I like that show
where they solve all the murders
That heroic point of view
It’s got justice and vengeance, too—
at least, so the story goes

I like that story—
makes a satisfying case
But there’s a messy point of view
that’s sadly just as true
for so many among us

In the softest voice there’s an acid tongue
In the oldest eyes there’s a soul so young
In the shakiest will there’s a core of steel
On the smoothest ride there’s a squeaky wheel

Though we might have precious little
it’s still precious


By Gruff

Excerpted from Ultimate Guitar.

Tuning: Drop D (DADGBe)

Note: This is my first tab contribution. It’s not perfect, but it gives you an idea of how the song is played (or at least how it sounds). If you don’t understand a part, listen to the song and hopefully you’ll hear what I’m trying to explain. Also, to find out the rhythm or the timing of any part (such as when guitar 2 plays), you’ll need to listen to the song.

D|—————-4-0—————–4h5–0———————————| x4

After the intro is played once, second guitar comes in:

Verse (not sure about this part, but it sounds quite similar. I haven’t
included the little fills in between the chords) :
e|—0—- —3—-
B|—0—- —3—-
G|—4—- x8 —3—- x8 (This is played 10 times, with second
D|—5—- —5—- guitar coming in quietly on the 6th time)
A|—5—- —3—-
D|—5—- ——–

For complete tab, go to Ultimate Guitar.


“Bravest Face” guitar cover (starts at about 01:00)

“Bravest Face” bass cover

“Bravest Face” drum cover

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