Rush Through Time (1978)

Released in Europe by the German affiliate of Polygram after the success of 2112, the album was intended as an introdution of the band to radio stations. The band had no input into the album and didn’t have kind words for it. (See What to Make of Rush Through Time?)

Fly by Night
Making Memories
Bastille Day
Something for Nothing
Cinderella Man
2112: Overture/Temples Of Syrinx
The Twilight Zone
Best I Can
Closer to the Heart
In the End

“The fact that they are my favorite band doesn’t keep me from seeing the obvious negatives to this album. . . . It doesn’t even come off as a “best of” collection, as many of the tracks feel like they were randomly chosen from albums that had a lot more to offer.”—Hastrmich on Prog Archives (edited)

Read more about this album in What to Make of Rush Through Time?

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