What to Make of Rush Through Time?

Rush Through Time (Mercury: 1978)
Everything your listeners ever wanted to hear from Rush but you were afraid to play

1. Fly by Night
2. Making Memories
3. Bastille Day
4. Something for Nothing
5. Cinderella Man
6. Anthem
7. 2112: Overture/Temples Of Syrinx
8. The Twilight Zone
9. Best I Can
10. Closer to the Heart
11. In the End

This compilation was released in Europe in 1978 by the German Polygram affiliate and marketed to radio stations as an introduction to the band. It offers a selection of the more commercial friendly tracks, including a shortened version of “2112,” from the band’s first five albums. Neil in an interview with the Backstage Club newsletter in 1988 says the band had no hand in the album.

It was released “entirely without our knowledge or consent (not that they need it), and certainly contains nothing of any interest—not even the cover, and certainly not that title,” he said. “We wouldn’t do that. Have you noticed that everyone puns with our name except us?”

So, is it worth having or not? It’s available today on Amazon for $27.99—$30 from a handful of dealers.

Here’s a yes:

“This is an incredible Rush album! It has a lot of their best songs. When I listen to this album, I say to myself, ‘This is great rock and roll.”—Vinnyd16 on Prog Archives

Here’s another yes:

“I bought it at a used record shop in St. Louis, Vintage Vinyl, and paid $3.99 for it. It’s in mint condition. I wouldn’t give it up for anything in the world!”—bogger4fun40 in a Flickr comment

Here’s a no:

“The fact that they are my favorite band doesn’t keep me from seeing the obvious negatives to this album. . . . It doesn’t even come off as a “best of” collection, as many of the tracks feel like they were randomly chosen from albums that had a lot more to offer.”—Hastrmich on Prog Archives

Here’s another no:

“The artwork is pretty amateurish, so there’s really no point to purchasing it with the exception of it’s rarity. Despite some positives in the track order, this is just a compilation that has faded into the annals of obscurity.”—Conor Fynes on Pog Archives

Here’s a maybe:

“I guess I’m one of the few that actually owns this one. It’s just a rehash of singles-type material released by the label to capitalize on the band’s new found fortune. It’s interesting for the shortened version of “2112,” but the songs seem lame out of context of their respective albums.”—Dnajones on Prog Archives

Here’s another maybe:

“Okay, agreed: Not a Rush venture by the band’s own choice. It’s a fix only for the label’s profit. It’s edited for commercial friendly uses and takes Rush out of context. But it’s still a Rush historical recording. Call it a bootleg without the boot. On sound quality it’s well done. As a fan, I’m glad a version friendly to the masses is here, otherwise the “2112” opus could be overlooked by short attention-spanned listeners.”—Ckardos on Prog Archives

Lastly, here’s someone who’s more interested in the paraphernalia at the store where he bought it than the album itself:

“Yes, a nice looking album cover. I think I paid about $8 for this about 25 years ago. It was in an underground record shop in Toronto. We used to call shops like this head shops since they sold all kinds of drug [paraphernalia] and rock ‘n roll items.”—

BYTOR43 in a Flickr comment

Note: Comments above were edited.

Album notes:

Geddy Lee: bass/acoustic guitar/vocals
Alex Lifeson: acoustic and 
electric guitars
Neil Peart: drums/percussion
Made in Holland by Mercury
Marketed by Phonogram, 1981
Catalog #6337-171
Made in Mexico by Mercury
Distributed by Polygram Records
, Mexico, SA de CV, 1981
Catalog #LPR 19049

So, worth having? I’m thinking it is.

Too many compilations?

 Click here for a look at the frequency with which Rush songs are compiled, recorded live, and recorded for tribute albums.

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  1. I had this album when I was in eighth grade and still believe it’s at my mother’s house. I had forgotten all about it,..but now I want to go get it just for the collectability of it. Thanks for the reminder. By the way,..it’s just ok as far as music choice.

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