Taking Center Stage: A Lifetime of Live Performance

BOOK (2012)

(Oct. 15 release date)

PDF sampler

Hudson Music on September 14 announced a book version of the DVD it released last year on Neil’s live drum technique. The book releases on Amazon October 15 and is by Joe Bergamini. Exclusive to the book are musical transcriptions of 17 songs on the DVD. “These transcriptions are exclusive to this book, since they are taken from the performances on the DVD, documenting how Neil currently approaches the songs,” Hudson says in its announcement. Songs include, “Tom Sawyer,” “YYZ,” “The Spirit of Radio,” “Freewill,” “Subdivisions,” “Time Stand Still,” “Marathon,” “La Villa Strangiato,” “The Trees,” “Caravan,” “BU2B,” “Far Cry,” among others.

DVD (2011)

3-DVD set in which Neil demonstrates drum parts from songs spanning the entire Rush catalog. Taped in various locations over the course of a year, it’s a behind-the- scenes look at Rush s 2010-11 Time Machine Tour. Includes footage of Neil’s pre-tour rehearsals and backstage events at a Rush concert (including a visit to the soundcheck, an a backstage interview, and his warm-up routine). Neil then presents (in an interview setting with Hudson s Joe Bergamini) a detailed look at each song in the Time Machine set list (which includes the entire Moving Pictures album). Each song is analyzed and demonstrated, live and in slow motion. Comes with a PDF containing transcriptions of Neil’s parts. The live performance is shown at the end of each song.

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