Emotion Detector: Tablature (Chords)

By Jimmy Pena (jimmy@walrus.com)

Excerpted from Fretplay.

Chord legend:

Gm : [355333]
Am7 : [x02010]
Bb : [x13331]
Bbmaj7 : [x1323x]
F : [133211]
F/A : [x03211]
Bb(addC) : [x33331]
C : [x30210]
G : [320033]
Dm : [xx0231]
Am : [x02210]

Song Progression:

Gm Am7 Bb x4
Gm9 [353335] Am7 Bbmaj7 F Gm sus4
When we lift the cover from our feelings, …
F/A Bb Bb(addC) Gm sus4
Trust is just as rare as devotion…
Am7 Bb Bb(addC) Gm
If we need too much attention, …
Am7 Bb Bb(addC) Gm
We must throw ourselves wide open, ….
Am7 Bb Gm Am7 Bb
If we need too much approval, ….

C C C C F G Dm Am G
Right to the ….
C C C C F G Dm Am G
Right to the ….
C C C C F G Dm Am G C
Illusions are painfully ….
F G Dm Am G C
In the secret wells ….

F G Dm Am G

Bb Am7 Bb(addC)

Gm Am Bb(addC)
It’s true that love can ….
Gm Am Bb(addC)
Sometimes we are too tender, ….
Gm Am Bb(addC)
If we get too much attention, ….
Gm Am Bb(addC)
So often fragile power ….
Gm Am Bb(addC) Gm
Sometimes our big splashes….

For complete tab, go to Fretplay.

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