Alien Shore: Background

Alex had appeared on the album Alien Shores by Platinum Blonde eight years before. The voice in the beginning is Alex holding his nostrils closed, saying “out of my nose.”—Robert Telleria, Merely Players

Platinum Blonde was a new wave band that was sometimes called the Duran Duran of Canada. The two Alien Shores tracks on which Alex plays guitar solos are “Crying Over You” and “Holy Water.” At the time of recording, 1985, new wave was at its peak. Rush’s work reflected that influence in Power Windows, released the same year.

“Dualities like race or sex are not opposite but true counterparts—the same yet different—and not to be seen as some existential competition. Polarities are not to be resisted but reconciled: reaching for the alien shore.” (Wilderness of Mirrors)—Neil in Merely Players

“Not everything lives up to it’s potential [on Counterparts], but . . . I like the lyrics to ‘Alien Shore’ particularly.”—Neil in Contents Under Pressure

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