Ceiling Unlimited: Background

Ceiling unlimited is a weather and aeronautical term referring to the height of the lowest obscuring cloud layer above the ground. Pilots flying below that cloud ceiling can operate their planes using visual flight rules. On a day where the ceiling’s unlimited, you can see the world stretched out before you. It’s an inspiring sight. But people tend to restrict their gaze to what’s immediately before them even when they have the world stretched out before them. The viciousness on the street, the slack-jawed gaze, these are just the limiting vision of what we get when we hold a mirror up to our world. We can be inspired with how great our world can be if we can just move beyond the limited world immediately before us.—Rob Freedman, Rush Vault

“‘Ceiling Unlimited’ offers a playful take on Oscar Wilde’s reversal of the Victorian lament, “drink is the curse of the working class.” (Behind the Fire)—Neil in 2112.net

In the remixed version of the piece, which came out in 2013, producer David Bottrill added a lead break from Alex at about the one-minute mark that was recorded but not used in the original.

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