Don’t Care: Background

This opening song on Alex’s 1996 solo album Victor takes you into the bedroom and explores the raw aggression and tension-release that underlies, or rather lurks deep inside of, relationships. The use of crude language and imagery in the piece, while unsettling for some, particularly given the very different tone you find in Neil’s lyrics, works in this context.—Rob Freedman, Rush Vault

Alex says he wanted Edwin from I Mother Earth to sing the vocals to this and other piece on the album because of the menacing quality of his voice. “When it came time to think about vocalists for Victor, I thought that Edwin would really suit the material well. He just has a certain quality and a menace in his voice. For song’s like ‘Don’t Care,’ I just thought he’d be perfect. I called him up, and he said that he’d love to give it a whirl. We got together, and we’ve become quite good friends. I think he’s done just a fabulous job on it. I thought it was great.”—Alex in in a January 1996 Rockline interview.

“This powerful 7/4 intro is complimented nicely with some gritty, bitter, and angry vocal from Edwin (from I Mother Earth, who opened for Rush on the last date of the Counterparts tour). Lifeson right from the start shows that this album is not an upbeat one, and he starts it perfectly.— Cygnus X-2 on Prog Archives

“‘Don’t Care’ is a huge departure lyrically from a Rush album.The words are crude in a sexual way, and I remember the flak he received on the Rush website years ago about that track. This is a dark and heavy tune that instrumentally shines, with a scorching guitar solo three minutes in.”—Mellotron Storm on Prog Archives

“They won’t expect this kind of record from me. The lyrical content is dark and there’s a real unsettling feel to the record. I’m a pretty happy, outgoing person. I want to create that kind of turnaround. I want to surprise people.”—Alex in Rag 2-96, reproduced in Merely Players, Robert Telleria

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