Rush Bass Tabs (1999)

Rush Bass Tabs, 142 pages
Warner Bros.
$12.99—$19.82 (on Amazon)

Table of Contents:

Closer to the Heart
Cold Fire
Distant Early Warning
La Villa Stangiato
New World Man
Red Barchetta
Roll the Bones
Tom Sawyer
Show Don’t Tell
The Spirit of Radio
Test for Echo
The Trees
2112: Overture/Tales of Syrinx
Working Man

“Yep, if you can play this book, as cleanly and with Lee’s tonal quality, you will be quite a bassist. But if you take just what’s written and walk on stage with it, you might be embarrassed. Having gone through some of the music, there are errors. Sure, many might not be noticed by the audience, but an error is an error. Notes are written in the wrong octave. For instance, at times a sequence of notes are written in the same octave, whereas Lee is clearly playing those notes more as an arpeggio through a couple of scale ranges. I recommend this book for anyone wanting to play bass at this level. If you can play this book, you belong in the studio; but, again, don’t think you are getting what Lee is really playing.”—Christopher Alsruhe (on Amazon)

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