At the End: Lyrics

He opens the books—looks at the scenes from yesterday
How they laughed and loved and lived before they grew old and grey
Now he sits alone in his room, and the clock ticks away

Together they enjoyed all life’s beauty and all its fears
The lonely cry of his soul falls only on his ears
Each page’s photo marked with the stain of his tears

He didn’t know what to do
He didn’t know what might come
Nothing was all that was left to him
Nothing was left when she was gone

The heart has a memory so strong
It remembers every right and every wrong
On those pages of his long, lonely life
He can only see his wife

He said ‘Pluck out my eyes’
He said ‘Plug up my ears’
He said ‘Silence my tongue’
He said ‘Take away my empty years’

One last wish
To see her face
One last breath
He’s calling out to death
One last look up at the sun
As he picks up the gun
As he steadies the gun
As he finally aims the gun

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~ by rvkeeper on March 21, 2011.

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