Slipping: Background

A ballad in the form of a mea culpa: “Meant to show you / What’s inside this shallow heart / But I could not find the words.” The piece blends piano and electric guitar in a soft-spoken melody.—Rob Freedman, Rush Vault

“‘Slipping’ is a bit of an apology for things that have gone on in my life and a confession about my fallibility. And in spite of all my best intentions, sometimes I screw up. And I thought this was something that most people could relate to.”—Geddy in TV Guide Online, reproduced in Merely Players, Robert Telleria

“‘Slipping’ is such a good song. Inspiring lyrics, and I like the heavy soundscape with a vocal melody along with it.”—Mellotron Storm on Prog Archives

“‘Slipping’ in particular is characterized by an excellent segment of vocalization about halfway through that solidifies the song and, indeed, the album.”—King By-Tor on Prog Archives

The piece is the “only song to really make use of the piano. It is the softest one on the album. It is a song that would really be at home in the soundtrack of a romantic drama. The words remind us that no matter the intentions of the people we love, they can still fail and hurt us somehow.”—Epignosis on Prog Archives

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