Fancy Dancer: Lyrics

I had a woman not too long ago
A cool hearted woman, let my feelings show
Damn, that woman, I do all I got
Ooh, all I wanted was to treat her good
That woman was all to me
Yeah, she left me feeling misery
Can’t understand it, no matter how I try
She one time hurt me down inside

Fancy dancer, oh, can’t you see
You can’t dance to get to know me
Fancy dancer, I hope you’ll find
The peace of mind

All this happened for a few long years
No more dice, a few more tears
Love said babe, I gotta go
True bitter feelings, you mean you don’t know
You give me the love, I guess you’re right
Love is gonna blow up in your face
Listen good to what I say
I give every night, baby, day by day

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~ by rvkeeper on August 10, 2011.

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