Icon (2010)

In what has to be an embarrassment for the band, the compilations just keep proliferating, like the bunnies hopping out of the hat on Presto, with six compilations in the last seven years. But the CD does include “The Necromancer” from Caress of Steel, which is different.

Working Man
Fly by Night
The Necromancer
The Twilight Zone
Closer to the Heart
The Analog Kid
Red Sector A
Force Ten


Pointless, With One Exception
“The Rush brand is getting more and more sullied and watered out with pointless compilation albums. This one is a low-priced compilation album and it has one big asset: “The Necromancer” from the often neglected Caress of Steel album. The rest of the songs are the usual suspects that anyone can put together in their sleep.”—Toroddfuglested on Prog Archives

Too many compilations?

~ by rvkeeper on May 23, 2011.

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