Run for Cover (2007): Tribute


Carl Schultz (Hemispheres, Archives): bass, keyboards
Michael Mumblo (Hemispheres): drums
Mike Cappadozy (Archives): guitar
Rob Jackson (Limelight): vocals

Album Tracks:

1. Distant Early Warning

2. Tom Sawyer

3. New World Man

4. Freewill

5. Subdivisions

6. Limelight

7. Jacob’s Ladder

8. Red Barchetta

9. Xanadu

10. The Trees

11. Natural Science

Review by Fletch (“Proton 2112”) on Amazon (edited):

Rush Tribute Bands Hit the High Spots

“This an interesting little CD we have here. Members of various Rush tribute bands formed this ‘super group’ of cover artists. They seem to have picked Rush fan favorites and do a nice job replicating the originals. The highlights probably are ‘Limelight’ and ‘The Trees.’ These two selections seems to have a little extra kick to them. The vocalist for the group sounds like a cross beteween Geddy Lee and the lead singer for Queensryche and does a good job hitting all the signature Geddy vocal high spots. All in all not a bad CD if you’re a fan of Rush. It’s a good variation on songs you’ve heard the original versions of probably 100 times already.”

Read the unedited review.

Rush songs with multiple tributes

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