Finding My Way: Background

“‘Finding My Way’ [which replaced the Buddy Holly cover ‘Not Fade Away’ on the debut album] is a prime example of early 1970s hard rock, with prototype Rush guitar and bass attack. It features a highlight in Geddy’s screeching, ‘Sang some sad songs.'”—Bill Banasiewicz, Rush Visions

The song “is the most Led Zeppelin-like of the debut album’s composition, Geddy trying out the odd “ooh yeah” over a drumless verse.”—Martin Popoff, Contents Under Pressure

“The first track on the first album, this is the recording the band chose to give first impressions.”—John Swenson, “Rush Chronicles”

“Dave Marsden [whose influence at radio station CFNY in Toronto inspired the Rush hit ‘The Spirit of Radio’] used to play ‘Finding My Way’ before the rerelease, as the Moon record.”—Alex in Contents Under Pressure

The song was the first one the band heard played on the radio. “Geddy said he will never forget hearing himself on the radio for the first time. ‘It really freaked me out when DJ David Marsden played ‘Finding My way’ on CHUM-FM.’ Marsden got an unusual phone call that day. ‘My request lines were ringing and I believe in talking to the people, so I picked up the phone with Rush playing and the voice said, “David, how are you doing? It’s Alex calling.” My reply, “Okay, Alex, what do you want to hear?” and Alex said, “No, I just wanted to thank you for playing our record. It’s the very first time I’ve heard it on the radio.” CHUM-FM continued to play the dsc. It also got air time in Montreal, but that was about it for radio.”—Bill Banasiewicz, Rush Visions

After the release of the debut album, Rush opened for ZZ Top at the Allen Theater in Cleveland. “We opened with ‘Finding My Way’ and the crowd went crazy! They obviously knew the material. We got an encore, and before we could go back up for a second encore, somebody ordered te lights turned up.”—Alex in Rush Visions

Listen to the first live version of the song with Neil, at the Civic Arena in Pittsburgh, opening for Uriah Heep, on Aug. 14 1974. At a couple of points it sounds like someone in the audience trying to imitate Geddy’s wail.

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