Archives (1978)

Collection of the band’s first three albums. Released after the success of 2112 to introduce the band’s earlier albums to listeners. Available on vinyl only. A later version of the album was released with a black cover.

Finding My Way
Need Some Love
Take a Friend
Here Again
What You’re Doing
In the Mood
Before and After
Working Man

Fly by Night
Best I Can
Beneath, Between & Behind
By-Tor & The Snow Dog
Fly by Night
Making Memories
In the End

Caress of Steel
Bastille Day
I Think I’m Going Bald
Lakeside Park
The Necromancer

  1. Into Darkness
  2. Under the Shadow
  3. Return of the Prince

The Fountain of Lamneth

  1. In the Valley
  2. Didacts and Narpets
  3. No One at the Bridge
  4. Panacea
  5. Baccus Plateau
  6. The Fountain


Where’s the Artwork?
“In most used record stores, this collection would likely be more expensive than the three original albums put together, so It would be more worth your while now to actually go out and buy the individual albums. There’s also the disappointing lack of artwork or liner notes, something most people appreciate, especially on an album like Caress of Steel [where context is important]. Really, in the end, this particular collection is more for bragging rights than anything else for fans and collectors.”—King By-Tor on Prog Archives (edited)

Too many compilations?

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