Rush Guitar Anthology Series (1995)

Rush Guitar Anthology Series, 224 pages
Warner/Alfred Publishing
$22.49 on Amazon

Table of Contents:

A Passage to Bangkok
Closer to the Heart
Cold Fire
Distant Early Warning
New World Man
Red Barchetta
Red Sector A
Roll the Bones
The Spirit of Radio
The Trees
Tom Sawyer
Working Man


“This book has a great overview of the music of Rush. It really covers all bases of their sound, from the rock sound like “Passage to Bangkok” and “The Spirit of Radio” to the more sci-fi prog-rock sounds of “Tom Sawyer,” “Red Sector A,” and “Distant Early Warning.” As a Rush fan who has been in search of good tablature for their songs and have found not-so good tablature, this is a great product.”—omegafat (on Musiciansfriend)

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~ by rvkeeper on November 25, 2011.

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