Strip and Go Naked: Background

This atmospheric guitar instrumental was written with guitarist Bill Bell (Tom Cochrane, Tara MacLean, Jason Mraz) and includes mandola.

“There’s a drink that [Bill Bell makes] called ‘Strip and Go Naked,’ which, after you’ve had a couple, that basically is what happens. On the other side, we thought that was kind of what the song was about. We stripped the whole song down to very basic elements. It goes through a lot of different changes musically, but it’s basically stripped down.”—Alex in Jam Music, February 1996

“‘Strip and Go Naked’ is another instrumental piece which features some nice mandola from Lifeson. It has a bit of a trance feel to it, and Lifeson’s solo on it is brilliant.”—Cygnus X-2 on Prog Archives

“Strip And Go Naked” contrasts tasteful guitar with the intense guitar passages. Great instrumental.”—Mellotron Storm on Prog Archives

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