Ultimate Rush Drum Play-Along (2009)

Ultimate Rush Drum Play-Along, 64 pages (booklet and CD)
Alfred Publishing
$12.34—$14.39 (on Amazon)

Table of Contents:

Closer to the Heart
The Spirit of Radio
The Temples of Syrinx
Tom Sawyer

“It would be hard to overstate how much I was looking forward to this book/CD. I’ve been a drummer and a Rush fan since 1982. Ever since I bought the Jamie Borden DVD, which was advertised as including drumless play-along tracks, but did not, this has been something of a quest. I pre-ordered this book at first notice, and when it was delayed, ended up ordering another version from the UK (different cover, same book/CD). So, now I have two copies of the same, woefully executed book. Having enjoyed other books of this type, especially the Hal Leonard Drum Play-Along series, I reluctantly wish this one had not been released. Rush has sometimes been criticized for “protecting their fans” from allegedly substandard products bearing their name. Well, I wish they’d do something about this one. Specifics: An obnoxious, never-ending click track permeates throughout the play-along tracks. I love having a count-in, but we *really* don’t need 8th notes running all the way through “Anthem”, or any of the other tracks. It completely kills any fun that we might have hoped for. Other play-alongs do not do this, which makes them more realistic and more challenging. If a click is mandatory, why not a quiet hi-hat click every bar or two? The music and notation are often incorrect. The end of the “YYZ” intro is one example. 13-tuplets?… no, it’s not. Nor are Neil’s YYZ solo fills written/played close to the original. “The Spirit of Radio” intro is tricky enough to nail exactly right. If you can do it, don’t bother with this, because it isn’t even close.”—S. Campbell (on Amazon)

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