Time Stand Still: Background

“‘Time Stand Still’ is a lament about change. The world is ablaze with constant change, but that change isn’t surreal in it’s randomness. Things always seem to come along certain paths and in certain patterns. Similarly, there’s a regular proportion in change. [This fact about constant change has implications for life satisfaction.] You cannot find a port of rest in the storm of constant change. This changing world of frustration and disappointment is what the Buddha calls Samsara. Zen meditation [in part] is aimed at transforming consciousness so as to see eternity in a moment of time. Such an enlightened person is mentioned in the song.”—Carol Selby Price and Robert Price, Mystic Rhythms

“The drum rim clicks are metaphors for clock ticking and the smashing effect symbolizes time stopping.”—Robert Telleria, Merely Players

“‘Time Stand Still’ is a master of melodies, distinguished by an ethereal Aimee Mann [of ‘Til Tuesday] come chorus time.”—Martin Popoff, Contents Under Pressure

“We thought we had the perfect part for a female voice, which I think it was. And we listened to a lot of records, liked Aimee’s a lot and asked her if she would sing on it, which she graciously agreed to do.” (Off the Record)—Geddy in Merely Players

“She was very nervous. I don’t think she had done that sort of thing very often, especially with a band like us. We weren’t necessarily playing the kind of music that she was into or listening to, but she liked the band. We made her feel relaxed very quickly, turning the whole session into a fun thing.”—Alex in a 1996 Guitar World interview

1987 “was the year that I got the Signature guitars with single-coil active pickups. It’s very apparent on [this] song. The guitar has a clear, metallic sound to it that really sings. I got into that bright tone, and my sound was still very chorusy. I had gotten rid of all my Hiwatts and the Dean Markleys and was using primarily Marshalls again. I used 2×12 combos as well as the JCM800.”—Alex in a 1996 Guitar World interview

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