Dreamline: Background

“Some of the inspiration for the song came from Lifeline (retitled The Trinity Paradox in 1990) by Kevin Anderson.”—Robert Telleria, Merely Players

“Each of us experiences a time when we feel immortal, when time is not passing and we’re never going to die. But it’s a limited-time offer. Time does pass, and soon enough the realities of life comes crowding in on us, whether were ready for them or not, and we have to get serious. This is called “facing the real world.” (Row the Boats)—Neil in Merely Players

“I love the spirit of ‘Dreamline’ and the way Neil captures that feeling of wanderlust and invulnerability that comes in a particular trying time in your life.”—Geddy in Heeb

Roll the Bones opener ‘Dreamline’ is strafed by a crouching-then-striking verse and clouds-breaking chorus. It is a track that proved to be strong enough to open the Different Stages live album seven years later and then stay tenaciously in the set for the Vapor Trails tour.”—Martin Popoff, Contents Under Pressure

“The piece, released as a single, charted at number one on the U.S. Mainstream Rock Tracks chart and was performed on every Rush tour since the inaugural Roll the Bones tour until 2010, when it was dropped for the Time Machine tour. When played live, the band uses laser lights based on the tempo of the guitar and plays a slightly protracted version of the song, with Alex integrating an extended guitar solo.”—Wikipedia

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