Inside Rush: Music in Review, 1974-1981

Inside Rush: Music in Review, 1974-1981
Classic Rock Legends

DVD set with 48-page booklet

From the product description:

“This is the ultimate critical review of the music of Rush on record, on film, and on stage. Drawing on rare archive footage, much of it unavailable on DVD, and an in depth interview with Alex Lifeson, a leading team of music critics and working musicians revisits and reviews every Rush album from 1974 to Exit Stage Left. The 48-page book features a track-by-track analysis of every Rush album from the self-titled debut album Rush through to Exit Stage Left, which marked the end of the Mercury era of extended epic anthems.”

Reviews (from Amazon):

“By all means avoid any of these Inside Videos from Classic Rock Productions. They’re a waste of time, waste of money, and complete slap in the face to the bands they feature and to the consumers. The bands don’t endorse these DVDs, especially since their so-called rare footage (shown in the range of 5 seconds to 1 minute) is used without the band’s permission and in the [worst] video quality possible. What you get is a bunch of know-nothing journalists giving shallow and misinformed commentary about the bands and their albums in question. If that’s your interest, then by all means buy it. Otherwise if you want excellent quality videos on your favorite bands, AVOID Classic Rock Productions at all costs!”—Oigaf

“I rented this DVD. Utterly useless ramblings by ‘music industry’ people—actually a bunch of random dimwits who aren’t even smart enough to comment on what Rush’s songs are about. One example: a commentator said he asked Neil Peart what the song ‘The Trees’ was about, and that Peart said it was simply about trees and there was no other symbolic meaning. The guy apparently thought Peart was serious. Embarrassing.”—Marc A. Micheli

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