Need Some Love: Background

“‘Need Some Love’ . . . [is] a bit more dated [than some of the other songs on the debut album], something closer to what U.K. and U.S. boogie rockers of the day might have written.”—Martin Popoff, Contents Under Pressure

The piece was one (along with “Finding My Way,” “Here Again,” among others) that had to be re-recorded.

“We worked with this guy named David [Stock] . . . He was from England, a nice enough guy and everything, and he had an engineering background, but he did such a horrible job . . . the drums were out of phase, and I think they were recorded on just two tracks. Things were missing, the sounds were awful, and it was just a real mess.”—Alex in Contents Under Pressure

Boogie rock is a music genre which came out of the hard heavy blues-rock of the late 1960s. It tends to feature a repetitive driving rhythm in place of instrumental experimentation found in the more progressive blues-rock bands of the period. Boogie rockers concentrate on the groove, working a steady, chugging back beat, often in shuffle time. Boogie rock can be considered the upbeat form of blues-rock. One of the first bands to popularize the genre worldwide was Canned Heat. The main distinction between bookie rock bands is their instrumental attack. The band that came to become synonymous with the term was Status Quo. The genre reached the height of its popularity in the mid to late 1970s.—From the Wikipedia Boogie Rock page.

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