Another Rush Bedtime CD for the Little Ones


Just in time for Christmas—in 2013.

Rockabye Baby! will be releasing Lullabye Renditions of Rush in a few weeks. It takes some of the band’s most well-known pieces and gives them a nice, gentle, bedtime sound so you can put your children to sleep to the Overture of “2112” or “Tom Sawyer.”

It won’t be the first time a music publisher has tried to tap the baby market with Rush. In 2011 Roma Music Group came out with Lullaby Versions of Rush, but apparently it’s a big enough market that there’s plenty of room for two Rush bedtime albums.

Lullaby Renditions of Rush will retail for $16.98 ($13.03 on Amazon) for the CD. An MP3 version for 8.99 will be available as well. Release date in January 29, according to Amazon.

From the Rockabye Baby! web site:

“Do you have a modern day warrior putting up a fight at bedtime? Looking for a reliable way to put baby to sleep and not some fly by night sandman? Try Rockabye Baby’s tender lullaby versions of Rush’s hard rock hits. This magic music will bring your baby closer to the heart of slumberland.”


1. 2112: Overture
2. Limelight
3. Fly by Night
4. The Spirit of Radio
5. Freewill
6. Tom Sawyer
7. Working Man
8. A Farewell to Kings
9. The Trees
10. Red Barchetta
11. Subdivisions
12. Closer to the Heart

Tracks are identical to Lullaby Versions of Rush with one exception: “2112: Overture.” The earlier version has “YYZ” instead.

You can sample a track on the Rockabye Baby! web site.

Thanks to Rush is a Band for the head’s up.

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