Deluxe Rush Guitar Tabs (2009)

Deluxe Rush Guitar Tabs, 200 pages
Alfred Publishing

Table of Contents:

The Big Money
Closer to the Heart
Distant Early Warning
Far Cry
Fly by Night
Ghost of a Chance
The Larger Bowl
New World Man
One Little Victory
Red Barchetta
Show Don’t Tell
The Spirit of Radio
Test for Echo
The Trees
Tom Sawyer
Vital Signs
Working Man

“Don’t confuse this book with the Rush Anthology also by Alfred. This book is completely new, and while there is overlap the transcriptions in this book are done by new transcribers. I saw this book in a local music book store and was intrigued. It’s difficult to find accurate Rush transcriptions. The Rush anthology has a decent song selection but I do not feel the transcriptions are very accurate in that book. They seem much better in this one, and far more accurate (although they screwed up ‘Tom Sawyer,’ which no one seems to get right). However the song selection is what brings this rating down. How many times are we going to see transcriptions of ‘The Spirit of Radio,’ ‘Closer to the Heart,’ ‘Limelight,’ ‘Red Barchetta,’ ‘The Trees,’ ‘Freewill,’ and ‘YYZ?’ Enough already! It’s the same way I feel about seeing those songs on live Rush albums. They were fantastic on Exit Stage Left, but they have worn out their welcome.”—YJM (on Amazon)

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