String Quartet (2005): Tribute

The String Quartet Tribute to Rush’s 2112


David Davidson
Todd Mark Rubenstein

“A Passage to Bangkok” (reproduced from Exit Stage Right):

David Davidson, Todd Mark Rubenstein, Dan Furmanik, Thomas Saunders, Paul Tobias, Patricia Tobias, Andre Janovich, and Barry Sines

Album tracks:

1. 2112: Overture

2. The Temples of Syrinx

3. Discovery

4. Presentation

5. Oracle: The Dream

6. Soliloquy

7. Grand Finale

8. A Passage to Bangkok

9. The Twilight Zone

10. Lessons

11. Tears

12. Something for Nothing

Attention All Planets of the Solar Federation

Review by Peart-T-Gurl on Amazon:

2112 marked a point when I learned about life, love and everything that makes me what I am today. When I heard that there was going to be another string quartet tribute to Rush by the same guy that did Exit Stage Right, I pre-ordered so I could get it as soon as possible. I really liked Exit Stage Right, but this CD blows it away. The whole ‘2112’ suite is majestic. It brings the music to life again like it is totally new, but it is so much like the original that you never forget that you are listening to Rush. The version of ‘Passage to Bangkok’ is from the Exit Stage Right album, for those of you who own it. I think that if I was not a total fan of Rush and the original 2112, I would still love this album.”

Read the entire, unedited, review.

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