Still: Background

A serene meditation on the cycle of life’s challenges. “Looks good from a distance /
But the closer I come / It . . . becomes more daunting.” Although we might succeed in meeting this challenge, another one awaits, captured in the repeated use of “still.”—Rob Freedman, Rush Vault

“What an amazing song: so full of hopeful optimism and determination, and the groove during the verses is simply not to be missed. It is a song to listen to when the circumstances of life are bearing down upon you. Listening to it now, I think of my own difficult situations, and reflect on the economic struggles 2008 has brought. But as Lee reminds us, “These moments will pass.” And, at some point, we will overcome in our struggles, stand on top of the hill we were climbing, and look back with relief and great joy.”—Epignosis on Prog Archives

“‘Still’ is a much less heart-wrenching track [than ‘Slipping’] that’s still pleasant and emotional to the point where one wants to regain that comatose stare obtained sometime back around the second track.”—King By-Tor on Prog Archives

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~ by rvkeeper on April 3, 2011.

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