Everyday Glory: Background

The piece exemplifies the movement in Peart’s ethical philosophy, which goes from the individual against the regime, as in “2112,” to people pulling for one another. “Peart humanely, compassionately portrays the concrete reality of modern family life through the experience of an average little girl, not a literary figure such as Tom Sawyer or a mythological space traveler such as Cygnus. Peart also shows a sensitivity to how mundane ‘desperation drives the bored to extremes.’ We are ‘everyday people’ with everyday ‘shame’ and ‘promise,’ but there’s still hope.”—Neil Florek, Rush and Philosophy

“The role models that we really need are to be found all around us, right in our own neighborhoods. Not some remote model of perfection which exists only as a fantasy, but everyday people who actually show us, by example, a way to behave that we can see is good, and sometimes even people who can show us what it is to be excellent. I have found, in all neighborhoods of the world, that the heroes still outnumber the villains.” (A Port Boy’s Story)—Neil in Merely Players

“This song ended up being an analog-tape mix. For the last few years I’ve mixed only to digital, because I figured it was just a better tape recorder. But certain songs have a heavier midrange content, and on playback the analog recorder softens the midrange a bit, giving it a more likable sound. It’s not as efficient-sounding in terms of the top and bottom end, but it’s just nicer to listen to.” (Bass Player)—Geddy in Songfacts

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