Sending Out a Warning: Background

The piece is the ultimate insider take on marriage. By the time two people have lived together for decades, they know each other’s pressure points and exactly how to go for the jugular when they need to. “Tender is the nerve that leads straight to his heart.” At what point, though, does the couple stop bouncing back? One person might think they’re just having another argument, but the other person might feel that this is the final straw. “He’s on the edge, everything is up or down / She’s in his face, he feels like he may drown.” Thus, the line “sending out a warning” is one person saying that this isn’t business as usual; if you keep at me, I’m calling it quits.—Rob Freedman, Rush Vault

“‘Sending Out a Warning’ has a strong 5/4 guitar riff that feels almost as if it could have fitted in Joe’s Garage or one of Zappa’s early ’80s albums. It’s one of the stronger tracks on the album.”—Cygnus X-2 on Prog Archives

The piece “is one I like a lot. Drums and bass stand out.”—Mellotron Storm on Prog Archives

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