Exit Stage Right (2002): Tribute

String Quartet Tribute to Rush


Dan Furmanik: violin
Thomas Saunders: bass
Paul Tobias: violin, viola
Todd Mark Rubenstein: cello, bass
Patricia Tobias: violin, viola
Andre Janovich: cello
Barry Sines: violin

Album tracks:

1. The Spirit of Radio

2. Red Barchetta

3. YYZ

4. A Passage to Bangkok

5. Closer to the Heart

6. Beneath, Between and Behind

7. Jacob’s Ladder

8. Broon’s Bane

9. The Trees

10. Xanadu

11. Freewill

12. Tom Sawyer

Believe it. Experience it. Absorb it. You’ll love it

Review from John on Cygnus X-1 (edited and excerpted):

“I’ve often been perplexed by the paradox that exists between the admiration of Rush from fans and musicians while receiving primarily scorn from critics (although this is changing). World-class musicians have often cited Rush as a primary influence in their own drive towards musical expression. So, what is it that the fans and musicians alike see (or hear) that the critics, the so-called experts, do not? With the release of this tribute album, one can see just how far-reaching the music can be. It’s classical Rush that sounds surprisingly rich, full of emotions, and inspirational. When I first heard of this effort, which was arranged, produced, mixed and mastered by long time Rush fan Todd Rubenstein, I was cautiously optimistic. There was no question in my mind that a lot of the music of Rush would translate well in a classical form, but I wondered how they would replace Neil Peart’s driving percussions, and what would they do to replace Geddy Lee’s vocals? And since this wasn’t an orchestra reproducing the music, but simply a string quartet, that made the effort that much more challenging—and rewarding, as it turned out. Within each track, you’re treated to nuances that you might otherwise not have realized existed in the original.”

Read the entire, unedited, review.

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