Chamber-Made Baroque (2004): Tribute

Chamber-Made: Baroque Tribute to Rush


Jim O’Garra
Brian Knox
Dave Keen
Eric Helmuth
Joe Ferry

Album Tracks

1. Tom Sawyer

2. Limelight

3. Fly by NIght

4. Witch Hunt

5. The Trees

6. Madrigal

7. Force Ten

8. Distant Early Warning

9. Closer to the Heart

10. Flickering (Rush-inspired original composition)

Good to Toss on When the Old Folks Visit

You get your Rush fix and the older folks don’t get blown away by the hard-rocking originals.

Review by Mark Daniels on Amazon (edited and excerpted):

“I don’t know how truly baroque these renditions are, but they sound nice while going by. Each song adaptation borrows the melody of the original, but often ventures off into other melodies and themes. And while I’m no classical music expert, I did notice that both ‘Limelight’ and ‘Madrigal’ steal liberally from J.S. Bach’s ‘Two and Three-Part Inventions.’ The CD closes with ‘Flickering,’ an original composition, although what the song has in common with either baroque music or Rush music can only be imagined. This is a good CD to play when your parents or grandparents or in-laws are visiting. Let’s face it: Rush’s Moving Pictures isn’t exactly the perfect soundtrack for a quiet dinner party with friends. Toss on this CD (or Exit . . . Stage Right, another classical Rush translation) for those times when you wanna hear Rush, but the situation calls for quieter music.”

Read the entire, unedited, review.

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