Shut Up Shuttin’ Up: Lyrics

I don’t ask for much, I really don’t. I just want him to put the seat down.

What are you talking about “You don’t ask for much?” You ask for everything!

Well, I just want him to put the seat down when he goes to the bathroom at night. 
I go in there and I sit down and it’s cold and wet and there’s more hair on his feet than on his head!

No, I like the hairs on the floor!

What are they doing?

Oh, there’s a shag carpet every day and this above the toilet. What, are they so tall that they have to lean over? Is it that heavy?

It’s so heavy.

Oh my god, they’re only good for one thing and we know what that is . . .

What is that?

Don’t tell me.

I keep forgetting.

Just play the guitar.

He’s still talking to me about that vacation we took. He still wants the details.

Come on!

Like, I can’t take it anymore. What am I suppose to do?

Did you throw away the pictures?

Oh, those pictures! If he saw those pictures, he’d have a heart attack!

Those guys were gorgeous

Oh were they ever, but he wants to know, “Where did you go? Did you go to a bar? Did you dance close?Did you dance far?”

I know, “What were you wearing?”

Oh, my god, “Were they looking at you? Who danced with you? Did they come home with you? Who drove you home? Were they younger then me, older then me, did they treat you better then me?”

But, you know what? Oh, god, it was awful!

I always tell him, “Honey, just shut up and play the guitar!”

Has he asked you to play a hooker?

Ah . . . I can’t believe you’re saying that. He does that to me all the time! All the time.

They’re all the same. It’s sickening! Hookers, lipstick, big hair, makeup, the slutty outfits, mascara, false eye-lashes. The thing with the false eye-lashes! Does he want you to shave?”

The whole thing. Everything. Dye things . . .

Oh my, they’re all the same. I’m so sick of it. We’re different. Women are so different. The only thing is, we wouldn’t get paid for it.

Oh, god. Well, they pay for it, okay . . .

In the long run?

Oh, in the short run, because they just have to play the guitar!

Do you find that he always wants attention? It’s (constantly) always him, him, him, him, him?

Constant attention.

I can’t take it. He comes home, and he wants me to caress him and tell him how great he is and this and this.

Shut up!

I love you, I love you, you’re the best, there is no one else . . .

Like, really, how many times am I supposed to tell him that? All I want to do is relax, have a nice little drink.

Shut up!

Give him a little hug, but it always leads to something else.

Yeah, you can’t just hug. You have to go on and on,  and then the [thing] comes out.

It always turns sexual.

Just shut up!

Unbelievable. It just goes on and on and on.

Just shut up shuttin’ up!

They’re only good for one thing. Just play the guitar!

Shut up! Ah, just shut up, man! Shut up shuttin’ up! Shut up, shut, shut, shut it, shut it all up. Shut up . . . shuttin’ up!

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