Ultimate Rush Guitar Play-Along (2009)

Ultimate Rush Guitar Play-Along, 56 pages (booklet and CD)
Alfred Publishing

Table of Contents:

Closer to the Heart
The Spirit of Radio
The Temples of Syrinx
Tom Sawyer

“My only complaint is the ‘YYZ’ backing track. Specifically, the part near the end of the guitar solo where the drums/bass tacet and the guitar does a series of pull-offs. On the backing track, to help keep time during the tacet, instead of using subtle drum sticks, the recording plays loud metronome type clicks. Very loud. Frankly, this part could remain silent. I think most guitarists that know this song could stay in proper time until the drums/keyboard come back in. It is not a terribly long period of time. I understand using soft clicks (preferably drum sticks) for songs involving long guitar-only parts, but in this backing track the loud clicks took the fun out of the end of the YYZ solo.”—Brian (on Amazon)

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  1. Thanks for leaving the review about the clicks in the background. I hate when instrumentals use that. For most students playing at this level they can count just fine. No metronome needed.

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