Rush Guitar Tabs (1999)

Rush Guitar Tabs, 224 pages
Warner Bros.
$14.89—$19.82 (on Amazon)

Table of Contents:

Closer to the Heart
Cold Fire
Distant Early Warning
La Villa Stangiato
New World Man
A Passage to Bangkok
Red Barchetta
Red Sector A
Roll the Bones
Show Don’t Tell
The Spirit of Radio
Stick It Out
Tom Sawyer
The Trees
Working Man

“The transcriptions in this book may provide one with the ability to play something that sounds something like the recordings, but are not completely accurate. Tones are missing. Fingerings are incorrect. One may argue that the musicial notation is somewhat accurate, but the tablature seems to indicate that it was produced only by translating the notes, not by listening to the recordings (e.g., by listening to the recording, one could determine whether a note was played higher on a low string or lower on a higher string). Pass on this book if you wish to play a Rush song exactly as recorded. Instead, look to back issues of guitar magazines (especially Guitar for the Practicing Musician, no longer in print).”—hduluard (on Amazon)

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