Lush (2007): Tribute

Album Tracks:

1. Finding My Way: 3 Legged Rabbit
2. Need Some Love: Rutsey
3. Take a Friend: Snagglepuss
4. Here Again: Joe Harvard Band
5. What You’re Doing: Ed Mundell
6. In the Mood: FourYearBeard
7. Before and After: Frankenstein 3000
8. Working Man: Murder 1
9. Not Fade Away: A Farewell to Bling
10. Can’t Fight It: Worro Pilkinson

Review by 1-2 Buckle My Shoe on Rush is a Band (edited):

Twists on the Originals

“Some of the songs sound pretty good and offer a little twist on the originals, but in any case, I probably won’t listen to this album more than once or twice. I will put it in my collection, knowing that it is one more noble attempt to honor the greatest band in the world, but also knowing that even the most noble attempts to do so are doomed to failure because . . . there is only one greatest band in the world.”

Read the unedited review.

Rush songs with multiple tributes

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